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Custom Brady Labels, Safety Test Tags, & Asset Labels

Did you know? Just about everything at your workplace needs to be identified quickly & easily! Whether you need a few one off workplace signs for your small office, or you need 10,000 customised Brady labels for identifying the wiring of a new multilevel building, Jabac has the largest range at great prices. Every product, every cable, every asset needs to be identified in some way so that your business can effectively track, manage and identify everything quickly and easily. Have a good look through our vast range of common and standard Brady labels, test tags, and identification that will suit most applications.



The main reason our customers keep coming back is for our specialist and customisation abilities. Featuring just in time capabilities, Jabac can provide manufacturing for custom requirements of all types of Brady labels, test tags & safety signs in standard and nonstandard sizes, any text, picto’s whatever artwork you require. Depending on the material we can produce short or large volumes – if you can think of it, we can make it rapidly and cost effectively.

Jabac also provide a turnkey printing facility for cable wraps or labels to Barcode Sequential asset labels, specialising in the telecommunications sector. We also offer a full Engraving/Etching service.

Send us your requirements and we will get back to you with our competitive pricing and turnaround times for your custom labels.

Excellent Pedigree

Jabac have produced custom signs and Brady labels for some of the top telecommunication companies in Australia (Telstra, Pipe Networks, TPG, Visionstream, Ericsson to name a few). Items ranging from specialised polyester test tags, fibre optic cable marker posts to numerous telecom safety signs.



Jabac’s virtually never ending range of customised Brady labels is generally in stock to suit all your needs when it comes to identifying goods and services. From enquiry to order, you can be assured that you’ll get a great product, at a great price and delivered to your door quickly. Our range includes:

  • Electrical and Data Cable Labels
  • Asset Labels and Hardware Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Barcodes
  • Other customised labels – you think of it, chances are we’ve got it

brady labels

A label is: “Provision of information written on a piece of material attached to an object giving pertinent information about said object”

And for most businesses, this labelling process, whilst quite simple, is also so important to its smooth operations and functions. Whether you are labelling a product, tracking assets with metal labels, to notifying telecommunications staff which cable belongs to which telephone, to safety labels on dangerous goods, correct labelling is vitally important for all businesses.

Jabac has the largest range of labels suited to all businesses in all industries.
Have a look through our extensive range to find the one that best meets your needs, or talk to one of our Brady label specialists to ensure the efficient running of your business and transporting of products to clients.

Electrical and Data Cable Labels

Effective labelling of any type of cable is vital to the effective running of offices, warehouses and premises. Jabac has a large variety of cable labels to suit all your wiring and cabling needs:

  • Cable Labels
  • Wire wraps and Cable wraps
  • Self-Laminating & Wrap Around

How to choose the correct Self-Laminating Label

Step 1: wire dia. x 3.147(pj) wire circumference

Step 2: wire circumference x 1.5 total label length

The reason for multiplying by 1.5 allows the cable label to wrap around the wire 1.5 times

Product Labels

Nearly every product needs a label. Whether it’s a product you sell to a customer, or it’s an internal product you use, you need to accurately and effectively label nearly every product you have. That’s why we can provide the largest range of product labels to suit virtually any requirement.

  • Standard White Polyester
  • Paper
  • Tamper Proof

Asset Labels and Hardware Labels

Because you need to track, maintain and count all assets and hardware in your business, Jabac has the industry leading, non-destructible hardware and asset label solutions for your business.

  • Metallised Labels
  • Duraguard® Property Identification Tags

ToughWash Labels

Food and beverage production is one of the most difficult and demanding environments for workplace safety products and identification. Harsh wash down cycles, chemical sanitizers, and constantly wet environments present reliability challenges for the products designed to keep your employees safe. In order to meet these challenges Brady’s R&D team have designed unique ToughWash Labels from the ground up. More info »

Safety Test Tags

GEAR-TAG: Inspection safety test tags for rigging and safety equipment

Our test tags and cable tags are ideal for tagging harnesses, rigging, lanyards, and other safety equipment.

Safety test tags are typically used to identify inspections on rigging and safety equipment. The GEAR-TAG is extremely durable and can withstand most any weather conditions.

We sell safety test tags at 175mm in length in colour-coded packs of 100. Each test tag can be customised with your logo or business name (note that artwork charges may apply).

Our GEAR-TAGs are ideal for tagging safety gear, including:

  • Harnesses
  • Rigging
  • Lanyards
  • Pipes
  • Hoses
  • Electrical equipment
  • Freight containers
  • Other safety products

Tagging Colour Standard

JBTA & JBTN Series: Cricket Bat Test Tag with Security Clip

The leading test tag for industrial and construction areas. This is an industrial quality test tag that can withstand harsh weather conditions complete with marking pen and security clips. (Yes! Test tags can be completely customised with your logo and design. Artwork charges may apply)

Test Tag Colour Chart: JBTA Series

  • JBTA-1 Red Dec-Feb
  • JBTA-2 Green March-May
  • JBTA-3 Blue June-Aug
  • JBTA-4 Yellow Sept-Nov
  • JBTA-5 Orange 6 Monthly Jan-June
  • JBTA-6 White 6 Monthly July-Dec
  • JBTA-7 Black Yearly
  • JBTA-8 Burgundy 5 Yearly

JSLTT & JSLTTN Series: Self Laminating Test Tags

Self-Adhesive Tear-Resistant Synthetic Test Tag with protective laminate flap to protect information recorded. Supplied in packs of 100 with marking pen. (Suitable for indoor and office use only). Also available as a barcode tag.

  • SLTT-1 Red Dec-Feb
  • SLTT-2 Green March-May
  • SLTT-3 Blue June-Aug
  • SLTT-4 Yellow Sept-Nov
  • SLTT-5 Orange 6 Monthly Jan-June
  • SLTT-6 White 6 Monthly July-Dec
  • SLTT-7 Black Yearly
  • SLTT-8 Burgundy 5 Yearly
  • SLTT-R Rainbow 25 each of red, green, blue, yellow

NSW Test Tag Colour Chart: JBTN Series

  • CBTN-1 Red Jan/Sep NSW ONLY
  • CBTN-2 Blue Feb/Jul
  • CBTN-3 Orange Mar/Nov
  • CBTN-4 Green Apr/Aug
  • CBTN-5 White May/Dec
  • CBTN-6 Yellow Jun/Oct
  • CBTN-R Rainbow 17 each of above colours
  • CBTN-7 Black (no legend)
  • SLTTN-1 Red Jan/Sep NSW ONLY
  • SLTTN-2 Blue Feb/Jul
  • SLTTN-3 Orange Mar/Nov
  • SLTTN-4 Green Apr/Aug
  • SLTTN-5 White May/Dec
  • SLTTN-6 Yellow Jun/Oct
  • SLTTN-R Rainbow 17 each of above colours
  • SLTTN-7 Black (no legend)

Pipe Markers

Pipe Markers

Pipe markers allow for improved emergency response time and a professional appearance. Brady’s range of pipe marker products are designed in accordance with AS1345-1995 and enable quick recognition of pipe contents.

A successful pipe identification program helps employees, contractors and emergency responders to distinguish between pipes where there are several side by side. Pipe markers also save valuable time when tracing lines for maintenance and especially in emergency situations.

customised labels

Where would pipe markers be located?

Australian Standards (AS 1345-1995) specifies that markers be placed adjacent to all junctions, valves, service appliances, bulkhead and wall penetrations. Pipe markers shall be spaced no more than 8m apart except for long, uninterrupted straight runs of external services where spacing shall not exceed 50m.

Use the table below as your pipe marker colour selection guide:

Our pipe marker sizes meet Australian Standards and are listed below:

LARGE 475x60mm – to suit pipes over 70mm diameter.

MEDIUM 475x35mm – to suit pipes 40-70mm diameter.

SMALL 100x200mm – to suite pipes under 40mm diameter (supplied 14 labels per sheet and are designed to be wrapped around pipes.

Brady ToughStripe Tape

Brady ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape

Brady ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape is the MOST durable, toughest floor marking tape on the market. It also happens to be the easiest to use. ToughStripe products are made with a new polyester material. This material is ideal for marking aisles, passageways, storage locations, and pointing out important safety equipment and egress paths. This polyester material is 2mm thick, has a service temperature range of -18°C to 54°C and resists harsh chemicals.

Superior Durability

Spend less time replacing damaged or worn lines for a better looking, more efficient facility.

  • Withstands forklift traffic without tearing or lifting
  • Low-profile design minimises tears and scratches from skids, pallet jacks, etc.
  • Rugged polyester with ultra-aggressive adhesive

Easy application

Quickly lay down smooth, straight lines – without the help of co-workers.

  • Can be easily applied by one person working alone
  • Stiff polyester with liner prevents tape stretching and reduces wrinkles and wavy, uneven lines
  • No special floor preparation required – just clean with common cleaners

High Visibility

Get the same visibility of painted floor markings – and pay less.

  • High gloss surface shines like new paint
  • Low profile minimises debris build up along the edges that occurs with thicker (extruded) floor tapes
  • Surface resists marks and smudges
  • Available in a variety of high impact colours

Painless Removal

Easily remove floor markings without damaging the floor or leaving adhesive residue.

  • Does not chip and flake when being removed – comes off in one piece
  • Clean removal without any unsightly adhesive residue of damage to the floor

Floor marking tape available in:

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Black/White, Black/Yellow, Red/White

  • 51mm x 30m
  • 76mm x 30m

Divider ‘T’ marks

  • 51mm x 125mm (20 per pack)
  • 76mm x 203mm (20 per pack)
  • 102mm x 254mm (20 per pack)

Foot prints

  • 254mm x 89mm (10 foot prints per pack – 5 left & 5 right)

Corner ‘L’ marks

  • 51mm x 127mm (20 per pack)
  • 76mm x 203mm (20 per pack)
  • 102mm x 254mm (20 per pack)

Center ‘+’ marks

  • 51mm x 125mm (20 per pack)
  • 76mm x 203mm (20 per pack)
  • 102mm x 254mm (20 per pack


  • 51mm x 127mm (100 arrows per pack)
  • 76mm x 203mm (100 arrows per pack)
  • 104mm x 254mm (100 arrows per pack)

Underground Service Warning Tape

Detectable and Non Detectable AS/NZS 2648 Underground Service Warning Tape

Made from extra-strong virgin grade polyethylene, with lead free pigments (so they won’t discolour) and high degree of pH soil tolerance they are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2648.1 1995 and AS/NZS 4275 Part 0 1995.

Underground marker tape should be laid as per AS/NZS standards typically over underground services halfway between the service and the surface in the trench so that a warning can be given before any damage to the service is caused during a subsequent excavation – probably years later.

Detectable Underground Service Warning Tape

Available in the two most popular styles Electrical and Communication warning tapes.

Available in 150mm x 500M with .50mm 304 Soft Stainless Steel

Available in 150mm x 250M and 150mm x 500M with .50mm 304 Soft Stainless Steel

Also available in 100mm x 250M Rolls for the following services:

  • Yellow “GAS MAIN” SS Wire
  • Green “WATER MAIN” SS Wire
  • Blue IRRIGATION” SS Wire
  • Blue “STORMWATER” SS Wire
  • Beige “SEWER MAIN” SS Wire

Non-Detectable Underground Service Warning Tape

Available in all the popular services. 150mm x 500M


Special Four Services Tape


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Our leading range of portable label printers feature state of the art technology and are the toughest machines on the market. Whether you want to print a modest 50 labels per day or you want to be able to print 1000 labels per day on site, we have the product for you.

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