The Importance of Maintaining Safety Signs

It’s imperative that your workplace maintains consistent, visible and effective safety signs. These important reminders tell both employees and the public what, when and where to either do, move or wear in certain situations in the workplace. Each individual will be able to quickly determine the type of hazard and respond accordingly based on the signs message. Regardless of the size or type of your workplace, it is vital to ensure the visibility and effectiveness of these safety tools. Keeping these reminders up-to-date is essential to ensuring workplace safety.

workplace safety signSafety signs provide a visual reminder of workplace hazards and must be regularly checked. They are also a vital element of workplace safety, especially if you have a diverse workforce or are implementing new practices. If your workers don’t understand what these warnings mean, they should be educated and informed of them. The right sign can prevent accidents and save lives. However, proper maintenance is an ongoing process. Keep your signs updated, cleaned and legible so that they can continue to serve their purpose.

It is important to maintain your safety signs, and to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. Some signs need regular maintenance, such as emergency exit lights. These types of safety signs require sufficient power to illuminate for over 90 minutes in time of an emergency and need to be visible through smoke and darkness for everyone to identify where the emergency exit is located. In extreme circumstances, the maintenance of your safety signs could be the difference between life and death.