Telecommunications (MCF MERCS)

Telecommunications (MCF MERCS)

All mobile phone base stations must comply with strict regulations set by the Federal Government in relation to exposure to electromagnetic energy (EME).


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The Mobile Carriers EME Regulatory Compliance Forum (MERC) is a compliance strategy developed by the Mobile Carriers to meet the regulatory requirements of:

  • Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA);
  • Radio communications Licence conditions;
  • Occupational Health & Safety Regulations

Standard Site Signage is one of a number of Key Components in the MERC web based compliance process.

The Mobile Carriers Forum (MCF) has produced an industry wide RF EME signage document, “MCF Preferred Site Signage”, detailing RF warning signs and placement for all carriers.

Jabac is a major supplier of all MCF MERC signs and is a preferred supplier to Telstra and other carriers. Jabac stocks a large variety of MERC signs, Brady labels and identification.

In the link below is a full product list of the MCF MERC signs and Brady labels sold by Jabac.


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Inkjet Printed Labels

These Ink Jet compatible Brady labels make it possible to create high-performance labels from your Ink Jet printer. Print wire and cable labels.

Ink Jet cable wrap/self-laminating Brady labels B-117 Vinyl available in 4 sizes.
24.13 x 19.05mm, 3000 per pack 24.13 x 35.05mm, 2000 per pack
24.13 x 57.15mm, 1000 per pack
24.13 x 95.25mm, 1000 per pack

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Laser Printed Labels

We offer a convenient range of durable Brady labels that can be printed on your Laser printer giving you a clear high resolution result.

Laser cable wrap/self-laminating Brady labels B-361 Polyester available in 2 size packs.
25.4 x 33.78mm, 1000 per pack
25.4 x 33.78mm, 2500 per pack

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Our leading range of portable label printers feature state of the art technology and are the toughest machines on the market. Whether you want to print a modest 50 labels per day or you want to be able to print 1000 labels per day on site, we have the product for you.

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