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Jabac Announces Launch of New Brady BMP21-Lab Portable Printer

Tested for Labs. Built in Symbols. 2 Year Warranty

portable printerWhen it comes to lab labelling, illegible or smeared writing is not an option. With the powerful and affordable BMP®21-LAB portable printer, you can rely on crisp, long-lasting identification.

Featuring built-in symbols, durable temp tested, Solvent-Resistant labels and vial/tube auto-sizing capabilities the BMP21-LAB label printer succeeds where pens fail.

Labels for Labs 

  • Temp-Tested: labels withstand -196ºC thru Autoclave
  • Solvent-Resistant: labels withstand IPA, DMSO, xylene, ethanol
  • Labels engineered for the lab means you never lose your data due to a failed label 

Convenient Label Printer Features

  • Vial label shortcut key automatically cuts labels to fit to vial and tube sizes
  • Fast printing, prints a 15-tube aliquot in under a minute
  • Built-in serialisation and bar code symbology’s

Easy to Own & Maintain

  • Low entry price point allows each technician or lab station to have a portable printer
  • Technical support for the life of the product
  • Two-year warranty

About Jabac

Established January 1991, Jabac provides identification and Brady labels to industry and in addition, they provide occupational health & safety and general compliance signs. Jabac provides a free site survey for OH&S safety signs requirements, developing a cost effective solution for occupational health and safety. Jabac also consults and design custom labels and identification solutions.