Heartsine®Samaritan®Pad 360P Defibrillator

$2,249.37 inc. GST

Great tool to have in every workplace and First Aid room.  

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the leading causes of death and having this in your workplace will help with the response time as this is critical for survival.  This product delivers shocks if and when needed to the patient, eliminating the risk of human error as this easy to use defibrillator has built in CPR coaching to help throughout the process.

Features Include:

  • Fully automatic shock delivery
  • CPR coaching – Metronome for correct CPR speeds
  • Lightweight and portable weighing only 1.1kg with carry case included
  • IP56 Dust and moisture ingress protection – the highest in the industry
  • Automatically runs a weekly self-check
  • Software updates via USB
  • 8 Year Warranty

The HeartSine® Samaritan ® Pad 360P Defibrillator has other accessories available like Battery Pad-Pak suitable for both adults and children along with a child paediatric Pad-Pak and wire wall mount brackets. (sold separately)


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