M6 & M7 Foam Backed Polyester (B-593)

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B-593 Foam Backed Polyester: Glossy, foam-backed polyester with permanent adhesive.

Ideal for external switches and internal connection points. 

Colour:  White, Yellow*, Red*, Silver*, Green*, Black*

Colours marked with * are not currently available online.

Recommended ribbon series R6000 and R4400 for use with M6 printers

Compatible for use with the M6 printer models (M610, M611 and BMP61) and M7 printer models (BMP71)

Note: Compatible with BMP71 printer with use of the BMP71 Black Media Adapter. Each printer requires its own printer specific ribbon.

For material specific performance and properties, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Enjoy a more premium labeling experience with optimized Brady Authentic materials

Authentic materials work seamlessly with Brady printers to produce enhanced performance and reliability you just don’t get with materials from the “other guys.” M610 and M611 printers are not compatible with non-Authentic labels – check for the insignia on the box!

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