M21 Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl (B-595)

$42.00$57.97 inc. GST

B-595 Indoor / Outdoor Vinyl has an excellent resistances to oils, detergents, dirt, grime and many solvents.

Permanent adhesive, will adhere to rough, irregular & curved surfaces.
10 colour combinations available. 

Label Height (mm):  6.35, 9.53, 12.70 and 19.05
Label Length (M):  6.40m

*6.35mm only in Black on White and Black on Yellow.

Compatible for use with the M21 printer models (M210, M210-LAB, M211, BMP21-PLUS and BMP21-LAB).

For material specific performance and properties, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Icon indicating authentic Brady materials that are designed and optimized to work with Brady printers

Enjoy a more premium labeling experience with optimised Brady Authentic materials

Authentic materials work seamlessly with Brady printers to produce enhanced performance and reliability you just don’t get with materials from the “other guys.” M210 and M211 printers are not compatible with non-Authentic labels – check for the insignia on the box!

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6.35mm, 9.53mm, 12.70mm, 19.05mm


Black on White, Black on Yellow, Black on Orange, White on Black, White on Red, White on Blue, White on Brown, White on Green, White on Purple, Black on Grey