Test Tags

Test Tags

JBTA & JBTN – Series – Cricket Bat Tag with Security Clip

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The leading test tag for industrial and construction areas. This is an industrial quality test tag that can withstand harsh weather conditions complete with marking pen and security clips. (Yes! It can be completely custom signs with your logo and design. Artwork charges may apply)

Test Tag Colour Chart: JBTA Series

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  • JBTA-1 Red Dec-Feb
  • JBTA-2 Green March-May
  • JBTA-3 Blue June-Aug
  • JBTA-4 Yellow Sept-Nov
  • JBTA-5 Orange 6 Monthly Jan-June
  • JBTA-6 White 6 Monthly July-Dec
  • JBTA-7 Black Yearly
  • JBTA-8 Burgundy 5 Yearly

NSW Test Tag Colour Chart: JBTN Series

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  • CBTN-1 Red Jan/Sep NSW ONLY
  • CBTN-2 Blue Feb/Jul
  • CBTN-3 Orange Mar/Nov
  • CBTN-4 Green Apr/Aug
  • CBTN-5 White May/Dec
  • CBTN-6 Yellow Jun/Oct
  • CBTN-R Rainbow 17 each of above colours
  • CBTN-7 Black (no legend)

JSLTT & JSLTTN – Series: Self Laminating Test Tags

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Self-Adhesive Tear-Resistant Synthetic Test Tag with protective laminate flap to protect information recorded. Supplied in packs of 100 with marking pen. (Suitable for indoor and office use only). Also available as a barcode tag.

  • SLTT-1 Red Dec-Feb
  • SLTT-2 Green March-May
  • SLTT-3 Blue June-Aug
  • SLTT-4 Yellow Sept-Nov
  • SLTT-5 Orange 6 Monthly Jan-June
  • SLTT-6 White 6 Monthly July-Dec
  • SLTT-7 Black Yearly
  • SLTT-8 Burgundy 5 Yearly
  • SLTT-R Rainbow 25 each of red, green, blue, yellow


  • SLTTN-1 Red Jan/Sep NSW ONLY
  • SLTTN-2 Blue Feb/Jul
  • SLTTN-3 Orange Mar/Nov
  • SLTTN-4 Green Apr/Aug
  • SLTTN-5 White May/Dec
  • SLTTN-6 Yellow Jun/Oct
  • SLTTN-R Rainbow 17 each of above colours
  • SLTTN-7 Black (no legend)

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