A label is:  “provision of information written on a piece of material attached to an object giving pertinent information about said object”

customised labels And for most business, this labelling process, whilst quite simple, is also so important to its smooth operations and functions. Whether you are labelling a product, tracking assets with metal labels, to notifying telecommunications staff which cable belongs to which telephone, to safety labels on dangerous goods, correct labelling is vitally important for all businesses.

Jabac has the largest range of labels suited to all businesses in all industries. Have a look through our extensive range to find the one that best meets your needs, or talk to one of our labelling specialists to ensure the efficient running of your business and transporting of products to clients.

Electrical and Data Cable Labels

cable labels Effective labelling of any type of cable is vital to the effective running of offices, warehouses and premises. Jabac has a large variety of cable labels to suit all your wiring and cabling needs:

  • Cable Labels
  • Wire wraps and Cable wraps
  • Self-Laminating & Wrap Around

Asset and Hardware Labels

label pocketsBecause you need to track, maintain and count all assets and hardware in your business, Jabac has the industry leading, non-destructible asset and hardware label solutions for your business.

  • Metallised Labels
  • Duraguard® Property Identification Tags

Product Labels

Nearly every product needs a label. Whether it’s a product you sell to a customer, or it’s an internal product you use, you need to accurately and effectively label nearly every product you have. That’s why we can provide the largest range of product labels to suit virtually any requirement.

  • Standard White Polyester
  • Paper
  • Tamper Proof

ToughWash Labels

brady labelsFood and beverage production is one of the most difficult and demanding environments for workplace safety products and identification. Harsh wash down cycles, chemical sanitizers, and constantly wet environments present reliability challenges for the products designed to keep your employees safe. In order to meet these challenges Brady’s R&D team have designed unique ToughWash Labels from the ground up. More info »